About Us

Distefano arises from the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative vision of Antonio Kozina in the 1980s.

In 1975, Antonio, along with two friends, embarks on a journey from Argentina to the United States with no other goal than to experience the adventure of their lives. Armed with nothing more than a backpack and only what they could carry, they set off on their journey.

After two years on the road, they arrive in Central America, where Antonio falls in love with the region, its people, and its culture. He also meets the woman who would become his wife, leading him to decide to settle in Guatemala.

As a young man, Antonio worked in his parents' textile factory in Buenos Aires, where he developed a taste for aesthetics and fashion. Living in Guatemala, he decides to leverage that experience and begins making bell-bottom pants for sale. It turns out to be a success, and he starts gaining recognition within the industry. In 1979, he founds the first Distefano store, selling locally crafted products.

In 2006, Antonio hands over the reins of the company to his children, who evolve the brand while always maintaining the spirit of rebellion and freedom with which it was born. This has allowed a new generation of young people to identify with the brand, making it the successful company it is today.

In 2024, with nearly 30 stores throughout Central America and almost 50 years after Antonio's journey began, the brand finally reaches the United States, proving that the paths we embark on always lead us to our destination. It aims to serve as a bridge between Latinos who once embarked on their journeys in search of new horizons but never forgot their roots.